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A quick overview

The Bluetravels Education  Agency is founded on the precept of providing easy access to international education opportunities and professional training programs for students and employees of organisations. Our Agency is managed by some of the smartest and most versatile professionals in the field. We are continuously evolving to meet the demands of both institutions and aspiring students as well the unique solutions sought by organisations for their employees.

What we cover

Our Education packages

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Study Abroad Programs

At Bluetravelsinc, we understand that studying abroad can be a daunting task, which is why we offer comprehensive support services to help students in every step of the way such as school research, career guide, visa assistance, funds remittances, career guide, counselling and much more.

Business Training

Training Programs

We provide employees with educational tour services such as language training programs, industry-specific training programs, planning and coordination of educational tours, and much more.
As seasoned trainers, we make our training and coaching programs as impactful as possible so that our clients can excel in their areas of assignments.

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