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Education programs

Blue Travels Inc over the years, has constantly proved itself over and over again in providing topnotch international education programs both locally and across the world. We have been able to develop and facilitate international academic programs that have seen our clients achieve global competences, socio-cultural awareness and personal development. We bring a holistic approach into the international study and training programs,  giving us the opportunity to help our clients achieve more in a very short time and at the lowest cost possible.

Our educational programs are further divided into two, namely Study Abroad and Training programs.


study abroad program

Blue Travel Inc provides educational opportunities for students who want to study abroad. Our mission is to help students expand their horizons and gain valuable international experience while immersing themselves in new cultures and environments. 

We offer a range of customised study abroad programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of each student. Our programs include language immersion courses, cultural exchange programs, internships, and academic courses that allow students to earn academic credits while experiencing life in a new country.

 At Bluetravelsinc, we understand that studying abroad can be a daunting task, which is why we offer comprehensive support services to help students every step of the way such as visa assistance, funds remittances, career guide, counselling and much more. 


Training programs

Blue Travels Inc provides all-inclusive training and certification programs for individuals, organisations and company employees all over the world. We are heavily focused on promoting academic excellence and personal development services to get our clients equipped with the right social and academic skills needed to excel in any assignments they are assigned to.

Our training programs included but not limited to language training programs for employees who frequently travel or interact with international clients, corporate training and development programs such as leadership, communication, and team-building workshops,  online training and certification programs for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge,  cultural immersion programs for employees to learn about different cultures and business practices of their host countries,  and much more.

Our seasoned instructors and coaches make it possible for us to ably provide intrinsic training and coaching programs that are impactful to our customers. 

Our trainees are primed to ‚Äúfit in‚ÄĚ and excel in their field of operations using some of the best technologically advanced methods and tools available to our company. You can choose to attend our training program in person or via online platforms.¬†

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Building a network that cuts across culture, geography, race, religion and discipline is crucial for a well-rounded education and personal growth.
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