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Here at Bluetravels, we are dedicated to providing customised and pocket-friendly travel packages for our ever-growing customers. We believe that travelling (for whatever legitimate purposes) does not have to be energy-sapping or capital-intensive. With our travels & tour partners across the globe, we provide seamless travel experiences for our clients. Our approach is to meet our customers at the very point of their needs. This further clarifies why we apply a holistic approach to providing travel solutions such as visa assistance, destination research, airport transfers and much more.

A Deeper Dive Experiences...

Especially for tourists and international study students, the need to blend and identify with the locals of your host country is paramount. This is crucial for everyone with the utmost desire for personal growth and development through their tours or educational travels. As a result, we have over the years, developed a series of educational and cultural immersion training programs to help our clients achieve this purpose. To learn more about this, you will need to check out our education agency programs by clicking the button below:

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Vacation & Tours

Whatever your vacations needs are, we are versatile enough and with the right connections to pull them on. Try us ūüėČ

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Flight Tickets

For your flight scheduling and ticketing, let our team save you the stress.


Travel Visa

Getting your visa sorted and approved is not that difficult after all when you rightly approach it. Let's keep you from burning your fingers.

Airport transfer package

Airport Transfer

Having the pressing needs for airport transfer? Click here to let us know and we will get you sorted as seamlessly as possible.

Hotel room

Hotel Reservations

Our agents across the globe are well versed in hotels, resorts and accommodations reservations. Let's keep you in the loop.

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