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Bluetravelsinc provides uniquely packaged, customized, fast and reliable Travel Visa services to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our high-standard Travel Visa application procedures is deeply rooted in our our vision to become the leading provider of travel and educational services.  

Visa application is one aspect of travel requirements that you have to get right. We are open to provide you with the necessary information and guidance you need to decide what kind of visa is suitable for you. l get you started.

1. Travel/Tourist Visa

A Travel or Tourist Visa is a document added to a passport of an individual that allows them to enter a foreign country for leisure (tourism) purposes only. They can stay for a predefined period of time. It is important to note that this type of visa does not accord the bearer the legal rights to engage in a form of business within the host country.

2. Work Visa

A Work Visa confers the bearer the legal right to engage in legal business activities or get employment to work in the host country. For you to work in your host country, a Work Visa is REQUIRED.  Work visas vary depending on the nature of work or duration of your stay. Our team will discuss this with you.

3.Student Visa

A Student Visa, as the name implies, entitles an individual to be enrolled into any post high school educational institution of their choice within the host country.  It is a NONIMMIGRANT visa that allows for a temporary stay,  usually within the duration of studies or academic calendar.

4.Transit Visa

A Transit Visa may sometimes be required by certain countries for an individual to be able to pass through them. In order words, where a traveller may have a flight layover in a country that is not their destination, the country may require them to have a travel visa

5.Business Visa

A Business Visa allows an individual to engage in business activities in the host country without joining the country’s labour market. Someone travelling to a country for business conferences to engage in a business meeting with another company in the host country will be required to have a business visa.

6.Spousal Visa

A Spousal Visa is the kind of visa that allows the bearer to immigrate to another country because they are legally married to a person who is ordinarily resident in that country and has no immigration restrictions on how long they can stay. Generally, to be eligible, both partners must be in a relationship that is legally recognised as married in the jurisdiction where the ceremony was conducted.

6.Maternity Visa

Maternity Visa is a temporary resident visa (usually for about 6 months or less) issued to a pregnant woman that allows her to enter a host country to visit friends or families but at the same time go to a hospital and seek assistance in giving birth. In some countries, when the woman gives birth in the host country, the child becomes a citizen of that country even when the mother  or parents are not.

Also note that different countries require different approaches or what kind of visas are allowed. Our team of experts are here to help you scale the hurdles. Fill the request form and we will get you started.

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