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About Study abroad programs

Blue Travel Inc provides educational opportunities for students who want to study abroad. Our mission is to help students expand their horizons and gain valuable international experience while immersing themselves in new cultures and environments. 

We offer a range of customised study abroad programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of each student. Our programs include language immersion courses, cultural exchange programs, internships, and academic courses that allow students to earn academic credits while experiencing life in a new country.

 At Bluetravelsinc, we understand that studying abroad can be a daunting task, which is why we offer comprehensive support services to help students every step of the way such as visa assistance, funds remittances, career guide, counselling and much more. 

School Research

Fact is, we are in a better position to provide you with right information about your school of choice so you can make informed decisions. We conduct a thorough vetting and researches excellent enough to get you as quickly possible closer to your dream school.

School Application Support

We provide you an in-house assistance through out your  application process. Our aim is to help you get your application right the first time without stress.

Visa Assistances

Your visa approval is usually the gateway to your entrance into a country. We provide you a failproof student visa application support through our partners acrosst the globe.

Career Counselling

Our career counselling service is geared towards ensuring you attain the standard you have set for yourself. We help you avoid needless career mistakes especially as they relate to your host country.

Funds Remitances Support

Sending money across countries could prove difficult most times due to fluctuation in forex as well finding a secure medium for your transactions. We make sure that you have funds available whenever you need it.

General Support

Studying in a completely new country, culture and climate can pose its own challenges. As a result, you might be seeking answers to questions and supports that are not readily obtainable in the public domain. This is where we come in!

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